Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The ADE651/GT200/HEDD1/AL-6D.H3TEC All work

This blog has been created in response to all the negative publicity the above explosive detecting devices have received.
So below is all the irrefutable evidence, the credible news reports of huge finds from all around the world, the stringent testing from the best universities, the names and qualifications of all the eminent scientists that have tested and acknowledge the full detecting capabilities of all the above named devices.   


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  1. I think you left too much out.

    We must not forget that the following eminent authorities do indeed endorse the ADE651 and other similar dastardly devices:

    The Man in the Moon
    "I find that the ADE651 is great for sniffing when me cheese is ripe".

    The Three Little Pigs
    "Now, with the GT200 we can smell the wolf from miles away, even when he wearing his invisibility shield".

    Hansel and Gretel
    "We finally got home, thanks to the HEDD1".

    Mr Magoo
    "Being a bit short sighted I love the H3Tec. It really helps to stop me treading in turd".

    Harry Potter
    "Who needs a wizards wand when I can wave my trusty Al-6D around".

    Captain Hook
    "That crocodile will never get near me again now I've programmed my ADE651 with the large reptile card (only $50000 extra!) What a bargain!"

    Jack (Beanstalk):
    "We never need magic beans again, and to hell with giants. Now all I do is find lots of gold with my H3Tec instead. Bloody marvellous!" (P.S. Me mum is much happier)